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ျမန္မာျပည္တြင္း Online ေငြေပးေခ်ႏိုင္ေသာ MPU card, MyanPay account, Mobile banking (CB, KBZ, Aya, AGD) အေကာင့္ ရွိသူတိုင္း အြန္လိုင္းမွ တိုက္ရိုက္၀ယ္ယူႏိုင္ပါသည္

Online Trade

The act or practice of buying and selling securities over the Internet. Generally speaking, online trading occurs when an investor makes an order to a broker online; the broker then executes the order through the ordinary means. Online trading became more common in the 1990s as more brokerages offered their services online, often for a small fee rather than a commission on the trade.
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